About Cinga Leadership

At Cinga, we believe that you unlock the potential of your organization through your people.

We are a boutique consulting firm that specializes in developing resilient leaders, building inclusive cultures, and fostering an environment where employees truly thrive. We help organizations build cultures on an individual level working one-on-one with leaders, at a team level, and at a systems level by developing custom tools, solutions and training that align with your strategic direction.

Our team approaches every project with creativity and enthusiasm, working together with you to ensure that concrete results are achieved to maximize your employee investment. We will partner with you to develop a vision, stick with you during execution and ensure you feel supported, clear, and empowered every step of the way.

Meet Kathy.

Kathy Andrews is an accomplished organizational development and leadership consultant with over 20 years of experience in private, public and non-profit sectors. 

She founded Cinga on the belief that the way to unlock the potential of your organization is through people. When you align strategy with culture and create a workplace where people thrive, business results will follow.

In Xhosa, the Word Cinga Means Think.

At Cinga Leadership, we pride ourselves on being thought leaders who connect the dots on performance initiatives in practical and strategic ways.
We envision a world where leadership development and inclusive culture work walk hand in hand, fostering thriving, diverse workplaces.

What We Believe.

You don’t get the culture your want; you get the culture you deserve.

If you are not actively working your culture, it is probably one you don’t like. Instead of enabling your strategy, it is working against you. We help individuals, teams and companies deliberately create and sustain positive performance cultures.

“Talent” is everyone in the organization, not just the high potentials.

It takes all kinds of people to fill all kinds of roles. Too often in this profession, people are put into boxes. Don’t underestimate the potential of your people to learn and grow.

Simple, clear strategies can make a big difference.

Performance improvement projects often fail because they’re overcomplicated. We prefer fit-for-purpose tools that accelerate change and deliver breakthrough results.

People thrive in development-oriented environments.

We believe people programs should be underpinned by what Carol Dweck calls a growth vs. a fixed mindset. It’s not I can’t – it’s I can’t yet. It’s not I don’t know how – it’s I don’t know how yet.

Reasons to Engage with Cinga.

Leading Organization

  • You are approaching a period of change and need consultation and advice on how to manage the change.
  • You are implementing a new set of core values and you want to bring them to life within your organization.
  • Your business is in a period of growth and you want to reimagine how your organization understands and practices leadership.
  • Your internal HR team doesn’t have enough capacity to take on complex projects that you want to pursue.

Leading Others

  • You are concerned about developing your future leaders and want to offer training that will stick.
  • You lack the resources to develop the training you need internally.
  • Your employees are asking for development but you don’t know where to start.
  • You have gaps in your pipeline that need to be filled.

Leading Self

  • You or your leaders are in transition, getting promotions and levelling up. New responsibilities require new skills and acumen.
  • You or your leaders are facing challenges that require introspection and awareness of leadership practices, as well as practical tools to better support teams.
  • You need or want to offer a safe and confidential space for your leaders to explore, develop, and chart a path for better results.

Ready to give your company an unbeatable competitive advantage?

Our Approach.

Let’s “change how we do things around here”

If you’re experiencing “people problems” – the actual people in your organization are (probably) not the problem. 

The issues often lie in systems that don’t work, lack of leadership skills, a culture that breeds distrust, and/or training that doesn’t work or isn’t sustainable.

This is where we come in.

Together, we can build a culture where people are empowered and productive; enabling your leaders and teams to contribute positively to your reputation in the market, your profitability and your speed of execution.

We Commit to Deliver:

  • Practical & measurable people programs that support your strategy.
  • Easy access to experts who provide quick and thorough answers so you can focus on building your success.
  • Peace of mind knowing you have the right people programs in place.
  • Increased productivity and speed of execution due to stronger leadership.
  • Improved engagement and increased retention because people feel like they belong.
  • More innovation with a diverse culture where people feel safe to contribute their best ideas.

Our Team.


Lead. Include. Thrive.

These 3 words capture the essence of our work.

We apply them every day – not just with our clients – but also with our staff and partners.

We’re committed to doing meaningful work with our clients, connecting with a global network of people who are aligned with our values, and living a healthy lifestyle.

Kathy Andrews

Managing Director
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Kathy is an accomplished organizational development and leadership consultant with over 20 years of experience in private, public and non-profit sectors.

Kathy works with individuals, teams and organizations, to align business strategy and culture, through the design and delivery of high-impact people programs.

Prior to consulting She has held many senior HR and leadership learning development positions at several global organizations and her work has taken her to all parts of the globe including the US, Canada, Europe, South America, Trinidad, New Zealand and Egypt.

She holds a Master of Arts Degree in Leadership from Royal Roads University, a Bachelor of Social Science Degree from Rhodes University in South Africa, and a Provincial Instructors Diploma program from Vancouver Community College.

Kathy is certified in KornFerry Leadership Architect TM, Team Management Systems©, Leading at the Speed of Trust®, Predictive Index® (PI), and Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®.

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Molly McGuire

OD Program Manager
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Molly is an organizational development consultant passionate about optimizing leadership and employee engagement in organizations. She has experience in project management, research, training design, and the application of psychological principles to improve the work environment, through communication, leadership development, and diversity and inclusion initiatives. She works to find ways to implement best practices surrounding leadership, strengths-based research, and neuroscience to support clients across public and non-profit sectors in achieving organizational goals by supporting a productive and engaged workforce.

She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Biological Psychology from the University of Victoria and a Master of Arts Degree in I/O Psychology from Adler University (Vancouver campus), where her research focused on behavioural results of feeling isolated at work.

Molly is dedicated to developing effective and sustainable solutions in partnership with organizational leaders to improve employee performance and well-being through learning and development.

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Greg Andrews

Facilitator & Research Lead
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Greg is an experienced facilitator, coach, podcaster and researcher with over 27 years of experience working in private, public and non-profit sectors.

Since 1994 Greg has worked in communities under stress throughout southern Africa, helping build confidence in local skills and building networks to strengthen community or organizational cohesion.

His work has focused on using diversity as a key development strength when facing any challenge. On a continent where divisions have been amplified by a long history of brutal colonialism and persistent social challenges, creating inclusive processes that heal divisions has become a deeply felt vocational commitment for Greg.

Now he is exploring how the lessons he has learned can be applied and developed in a global context. Greg holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Rhodes University in South Africa.

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Noeme Makinano

Project Administrator
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Noeme is a productivity, social media and coordination expert with extensive global experience – supporting consultants, coaches and advisors with marketing initiatives, project organization, analysis and reporting. She has supported teams across Kenya, Indonesia, Serbia, North America, Australia, India, and the Philippines. She has in-depth knowledge of social media management and leveraging technology in content marketing, team management, accounting practices, and product support.

Noeme holds a Bachelor of Science in Information Management from Xavier University – Ateneo de Cagayan. She is a licensed professional teacher and a licensed Quickbooks Pro Advisor with accreditation in accounting and bookkeeping.

Noeme is passionate about learning and complex problem solving in the virtual environment, supporting employees cross-culturally for maximum productivity and effectiveness.

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Jemma Souness

Senior Consultant
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Jemma is a seasoned People + Culture leader turned Consultant, with 20 years’ experience, including eight of these leading remote, in person and matrix teams across 15 countries for a $3.3B industry leader.

Jemma is committed to the development of high-impact, business aligned activities. She has a track record of integrating the full suite of People + Culture programs, on a global basis, thoughtfully and in an inclusive way. Jemma has led the design of global in-house learning, leadership, performance and talent programs to support team members to unleash their potential. She’s held regional and global roles impacting front line manufacturing right through to C-Suite coaching, which positions her well to tap into her toolkit and hone on what’s best for the design and delivery of solutions, tailored to your specific opportunities and challenges.

Jemma’s calm, transparent and open-minded approach, coupled with passion around the future of work has seen her as sought after and trusted counsel to many in People + Culture functions and business leaders alike.

Jemma holds a Bachelor of Commence in Human Resources from Otago University along with Chartered Membership/Designation with the Human Resources Institute of New Zealand. Jemma is a leadership coach along with certifications in Lominger Team + Leadership Architect, Korn Ferry Job Evaluation and Strategic Workforce Planning Fundamentals. She has recently completed a Diversity and Inclusion Certification with Cornell University.

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Sarah Zia

Executive Assistant
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Sarah is the Executive Assistant at Cinga, contributing her extensive background in Human Resources, Talent, Administration, Operations, and Wellness to our small HR and OD consulting firm. With experience spanning the Federal Government, small businesses, startups, and entrepreneurship in the wellness sector, Sarah brings a diverse skill set to our team.

Specializing in supporting individuals to achieve their best work and reclaim valuable time in their day, Sarah is recognized for her resourcefulness, balance, and impactful approach as an Executive Assistant within the consulting field.

 Beyond her professional role, Sarah is a dedicated advocate for overall wellness. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Industrial & Labour Relations from McGill University, underlining her commitment to the principles that drive effective HR and organizational development strategies.

Strategic Partnerships.

Tracy Nazareth

Inclusive Leadership & Workplaces Partner
Nazareth Consulting
Read Tracy's Bio
Tracy Nazareth, founder and owner of Nazareth Consulting Inc. is a dynamic diversity and inclusion facilitator with 15 years of experience in adult education, leadership development and organizational development. She has created high-impact, practical leadership and learning experiences with global organizations in the retail, technology, biotech, non-profit and public sectors.

Prior to consulting, Tracy held learning and leadership development roles with Apple, lululemon, Best Buy & STEMCELL Technologies.

As an immigrant and racialized person, Tracy is known for connecting with people and drawing on her lived experiences and perspectives, to support leaders in creating inclusive people practices that are essential to building positive workplaces.

Tracy completed her M.A. from Temple University (USA) and her Bachelor’s in Commerce from the University of Mumbai (India). She is also a Prosci-certified Change Practitioner.

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Cara McColman

Senior Learning Partner
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Cara has over 20 years of corporate experience leading talent development, instructional design, and training initiatives in both public and private sectors in Canada, Japan, and the UAE.

She has a Master’s Degree in HR Management and Training and has international learning and development experience across several industries, including government, hospitality, transportation, marketing, aviation, group retirement, technology, and English as a second language.

Cara is a learning data specialist, helping companies better support their employees through measurement of training ROI and alignment with business KPIs. Using advanced instructional design and adult learning methodology, Cara helps companies by blending training approaches through eLearning development and hosting, engaging in-class activity-based training courses, team/leader coaching, etc.

Cara is also a Wiley Authorized Partner and a certified trainer of Everything DISC and the 5 Behaviors of a Cohesive Team. She is the Director of Custom Learning and Development Solutions​ in Calgary, AB.

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Our Certifications

Molly from her team on numerous occasions, and she’s been equally fantastic – organized, unflappable, and easy to work with.


Because of her openness, approach and ability to seamlessly work with our team, we will be continuing to work with her to keep our leadership strong well into the future.


Because of her openness, approach and ability to seamlessly work with our team, we will be continuing to work with her to keep our leadership strong well into the future.


Kathy is inspired, it seems to me, in everything she does. She’s one of the brightest stars I’ve encountered in business.


Kathy is the real deal – a talented HR professional and leader who exudes warmth, compassion and a genuine caring of people. Kathy is the type of person you want on your team.


Kathy is an incredible person. She brings high-level knowledge and a delightful personality to all projects and teams. She is dedicated, supportive, and it is a real pleasure to work with her.


On time and within budget, always with a spirit of collaboration and graciousness. Working with Cinga is assurance that you are in the hands of consummate professionals.