Case Studies

Empowering Global Leadership in a Leading Engineering Consulting Firm

Empowering team with practical skills & a common language of leadership

Multi-Year Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Strategy for Crown Corporation

Strengthening Leadership Culture in Resources Sector

Transforming Training Practices in a Non-Profit Organization

How are we different?

Custom solutions  

We get to know you and your culture intimately so that we can create and curate tools that meet your needs. We listen deeply, we don’t make assumptions, and we iterate and shift based on your feedback to get the best results. The impact of this level of customization is profound as it reflects your organization’s values, articulates leadership means to you, and enables lasting culture change.


As a consulting firm, we prefer to work as a member of your team as opposed to an external advisor who knows best. We lend momentum to what feels stuck, and we bring clarity and insights that get the outcomes you want to see.   

Culture Boost

Our solutions are all driven toward the common goal of generating and sustaining performance cultures. People want to work for an organization they can believe in and engage with by bringing their authentic selves to work. Our goal is to help our clients attract and retain talent by fostering inclusive, supportive environments and cultures.      

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