Case Study:

Transforming Training Practices in a Non-Profit Organization

The Challenge

A provincial organization was faced with a crucial need for a comprehensive training strategy that would unite design, implementation and evaluation practices to support anti-violence workers, community partners, and stakeholders across the province. They identifies the following critical needs:

  • Increase consistency across workstreams in training program design, development, implementation, and evaluation
  • Align on best practices and a cohesive vision for the future of training

Solutions Implemented

The organization partnered with Cinga to design and implement a transformative training strategy. This process involved a phased roadmap, iterative design sessions, and weekly touchpoints with Senior Leadership to ensure strategic alignment. The following solutions were implemented:

Training Strategy:

  • Customization of a training strategy to align workstreams on a shared vision aligned with strategic priorities and a shared vision for training at the organization.

Comprehensive Training Strategy Guidebook:

  • Cinga facilitated discussions with Senior Leadership and all staff, identifying strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. The outcome was a comprehensive Training Strategy Guidebook, which captured organizational nuances and served as a roadmap for training analysis, design, development, implementation, and evaluation practices.
  • Cinga engaged in iterative and collaborative design and review sessions with all staff and Senior Leadership. This ensured the Guidebook and resources accurately reflected the organization’s strategic priorities and operational strategy.

Defining Team Resourcing and Roles:

  • Definition of dedicated roles and responsibilities of the organization’s staff to ensure consistent implementation and review of the strategic implementation documents in alignment with the new training strategy to ensure sustainability.

The Result

The implemented strategy centered the learner and survivor, supported by pillars of innovation, gender-based violence specialization, coordination, and capacity-building. The following results were achieved:

Fully Onboarded Training Implementation Team:

  • A dedicated Training Implementation Team and Training Implementation Support Team were established to own and implement the training strategy resources, templates, and Guidebook. This ensured consistent application across the organization, fostering clarity and process consistency.

Enhanced Training Offering:

  • The organization successfully launched an enhanced training offering that aligned with strategic priorities, catered to diverse learner audiences, simplified training processes, and optimized learner success. The new approach was scalable and less duplicative, providing clearer training pathways and selections.

Cross-Workstream Transparency, Communication, and Alignment:

  • Ongoing collaboration that was facilitated by Cinga ensured all workstreams bought-in to the strategy implementation work and team processes required to realize the new training strategy.
  • Collaborative design of the practices ensured role clarity, proactive troubleshooting and design considerations based on unique context of each workstream, and an ongoing commitment to seeking clarity, sharing information, and joint ownership.

Adult-Learning Driven and Technology-Guided Training Solutions:

  • The strategy embraced adult-learning best practices and modern technology, making the training process for efficient and effective. This shift towards a learner-centric approach contributed to improved outcomes and a reduction in overall training time.

The collaboration between the organization and Cinga results in a transformative training strategy. By addressing cross-workstream inconsistencies and establishing clear processes, the organization achieved enhanced training offerings and improved internal communication, ultimately driving positive outcomes for both learners and survivors.


Non-profit anti-violence Client



Cinga is supportive. It feels like you are always there, outside of our team, holding us while we juggle so many projects, even though we know you are holding a lot of projects yourselves. Cinga is the glue. Because we have so much going on in our organization, and no one person has their eyes on everything at a high level and in the weeds, Cinga holds us all together by bringing this lens and ensuring we have consistency in the approach, methodology, structure, and format of our trainings so that we have a consistent brand and set of offerings across the organization. Cinga is patient. There are times when it feels like we can’t keep up, but somehow whenever we are ready, you are there, ready to take the next steps with us. This is so appreciated.



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