Cinga Leadership Essentials.

As individuals move through their careers and take on the responsibly of leading others, the nature of their work changes. Their performance is measured by the health of their teams and their ability to build organizational capacity.

This series covers the essentials.

Course Series Description

In this offering, participants will increase self-awareness through learning about their unique leadership and communication style, build skills in leading high-performing teams, learn to identify and develop talent and align culture & communication practices to support organizational effectiveness. Offered as a 3-day program or stand-alone skill-building workshops.

Learning Outcomes

During this course participants will:

  • Gain greater self-awareness and exposure to blind spots
  • Improve abilities to communicating with impact
  • Gain skills in team development
  • Improve skills in developing others, managing performance and improving morale
  • Improve skills in giving useful feedback, resolve conflict and coach for performance
  • Improve abilities to align organizational culture Improve cross-functional collaboration

Workshop 1 | Leading Self

Module 1: Self-Awareness & Emotional Intelligence (4 hours)

In this module participants engage in a competitive experiential team activity designed to highlight communication and working style differences. They receive their Myers-Briggs® Type Indicator report explaining their own unique preferences and how this might impact those around them.

Module 2: Impact and Influence (4 hours)

In this module participants discuss the difference between positional power and influence. Through a combination of instructor-led learning and role-play activities they have opportunities to practice effective communication techniques.

Workshop 2 | Leading Teams

Module 3: Leading High Performing Teams (4 hours)

In this module participants examine the characteristics of high-performing teams, stages of team development and importance of the leader’s role in sustained high-performance. Participants will have a specific list of characteristics to diagnose what stage of development their team is in and specific tools to support moving to high-performance.

Module 4: Developing Talent (4 hours)

In this module participants will learn how to identify and develop talent and build skills in providing effective feedback and coaching for performance.

Workshop 3 | Leading the Business

Module 5: Building Culture (8 hours)

In this module participants learn how to build positive working environments and high-performing cultures through identifying aspects of culture they have influence over, performing a mini-culture audit on their own organization and commit to actions that will support improved performance.

Preparation & Sustainment Steps

  • Personal Learning Goal-Setting & Progress Review
  • Alignment Conversation with Manager (if applicable)
  • Personal Development Action Planning & Execution
  • Peer Learning Support

Course Details

Course Duration

3 x One Day Workshops

Total of 3 days if taking all workshops

Training Hours

11 Hours per workshop

8 hours training + 3 hours preparation & sustainment

Course Capacity

25 students per workshop

Delivery Method



Assessment Method

The assessment of a participant’s progress will be a combination of preparation assignments, classroom participation, and review of concepts during in-class activities as well as follow-up meetings with managers and peers to discuss examples of successful use of the tools provided in this course.

Course Customization Options

Cinga Leadership Essentials can be customized for the specific needs of clients through offering only some vs. all of the course modules, incorporation or alignment to client specific organizational messages (values, business processes etc), modifying the workshop delivery schedule (3 days consecutive or 3 days over a period of 4-6 months) and the addition of business relevant action learning projects.

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