Coaching for Performance.

The best leaders help others grow. Coaching skills are essential for leaders who want to build capacity and engage talent.

This course equips leaders with the skills, tools, and mindset of world-class performance coaches to help participants gain commitment from their team and develop next-generation leaders.

Course Series Description

During this action-packed course, participants learn the fundamentals of coaching for performance. The program explores how adults learn, grow, and change behaviours in a supportive peer-to-peer learning environment. Participants are introduced to a clear, concise framework for coaching conversations and practice using coaching skills in real-time.

Learning Outcomes

During this course participants will:

  • Develop a coaching mindset
  • Distinguish between performance and developmental conversations
  • Explore the conditions for successful coaching
  • Develop foundational coaching skills (Intentional Listening and Questioning)
  • Apply a clear, concise framework for a coaching for performance conversation
  • Learn to use coaching to establish clear expectations and accountably from others

Course Outline

Module 1: The Coaching Mindset (4 hours)

In this module, participants are introduced to the power of coaching as a leadership tool and discuss the differences between performance and developmental conversations. They identify the conditions for successful coaching, including how trust, psychological safety, and a growth mindset are the bedrock of productive coaching conversations.

Module 2: Coaching in Action (4 hours)

In this module, participants are learning the foundational skills for effective coaching conversations and use a concise framework for coaching conversations that to engage, empower, and inspire forward action. Then, it’s all put into practice. Participants coach one another and receive real-time feedback.

Preparation & Sustainment Steps

  • Personal Learning Goal-Setting & Progress Review
  • Alignment Conversation with Manager (if applicable)
  • Personal Development Action Planning & Execution
  • Pre-Reading Articles and Take-Away Cue Cards
  • Peer Learning Support

Course Details

Course Duration

One Day

Training Hours

10 Hours

8 hours training + 2 hours preparation & sustainment

Course Capacity

Maximum 12 students per class

Delivery Method



Assessment Method

The assessment of a participant’s progress will be a combination of classroom participation, review of concepts during in-class activities and peer-feedback following real-time practice sessions.

Course Customization Options

Coaching for Performance can be customized for the specific needs of clients through, incorporation or alignment to client-specific organizational messages (values, business processes etc), modifying the workshop delivery schedule (1 day consecutive or 2 1/2 days over 1-2 months)

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