Inclusive Leadership 

Unlock the potential of diversity, equity & inclusion (DEI) in your workplace. Empower yourself with the knowledge and tools to challenge biases and foster an inclusive environment where everyone thrives.

Course Description

This module is designed to equip participants with a fundamental understanding of unconscious bias and its impact on workplace dynamics. Through interactive exercises and practical strategies, this training will enable you to identify, mitigate, and challenge biases, fostering a more inclusive and equitable work environment. Participants will leave this training with a comprehensive understanding of unconscious bias, practical tools for bias mitigation, and actionable strategies to foster an inclusive workplace environment.

Learning Outcomes

During this course participants will:

  • Define unconscious bias, perceptual gaps, and recognize common biases at work
  • Review of Canadian context in Indigenous relations and relevance in the workplace
  • Articulate the impacts of unconscious bias on decision-making and behaviour
  • Define the benefits and impacts of bias mitigation in recruitment and hiring practices, promotional opportunities, and day-to-day inclusion
  • Illustrate actionable ways to reduce bias at work
  • Identify key strategies for challenging bias and fostering inclusivity
  • Develop a personal action plan to contribute to an inclusive workplace

Course Outline

Section 1

Our Brains at Work

Explore the inner workings of the human brain and understand how unconscious biases are formed. Delve into common workplace biases and gain insight into their origins and manifestations.

Section 2

Mitigating Bias

Learn effective strategies for recognizing and reducing biases in critical moments. This section focuses on the benefits and impacts of bias mitigation, offering practical tools to apply in everyday workplace situations.

Section 3

Inclusivity in Action

Inclusivity in action emphasizes creating and sustaining an inclusive workplace culture. Discover key strategies to challenge bias and actively contribute to an environment where everyone feels valued and included.


Preparation & Sustainment Steps

  • Personal Learning Goal-Setting & Progress Review
  • Pre-Reading Case Studies
  • Peer Learning Support
  • Take away basic tool set

Course Details

Course Duration

4 hours

Training Hours

5 hours

Course Capacity

25 participants

Delivery Method

workshop (virtual or in-person)


Assessment Method

The assessment of a participant’s progress will be a combination of classroom participation, review of concepts during in-class activities and peer-feedback following real-time practice sessions.

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