Introduction to High-Performing Teams.

Mastering the dynamics of high-performing teams is essential for optimizing collaborative efforts and achieving outstanding results. This course illuminates the core principles of team excellence, providing participants with the tools to foster peak performance within their teams.

A foundational workshop tailored to enhance understanding and application of high-performance team concepts, equipping participants with actionable strategies and insights.

Course Description

Participants will delve into the intricacies of high-performing teams, exploring key elements such as team dynamics, effective communication, conflict resolution, and fostering a collaborative culture. Through engaging instruction and collaborative exercises in two 4-hour morning sessions, this course aims to instill confidence and ignite a commitment to achieving excellence in team environments.

Learning Outcomes

During this course participants will:

  • Grasp the fundamental principles of high-performing teams and their life cycle.
  • Develop strategies to enhance team dynamics, communication, and collaboration.
  • Acquire tools for conflict resolution and fostering a positive team culture.
  • Understand the role of leadership in nurturing and sustaining high-performance teams.
  • Explore methods for goal-setting, performance measurement, and continuous improvement within teams.
  • Cultivate skills for adaptability and resilience in the face of challenges.
  • Foster an environment of trust, accountability, and innovation within the team.

Course Outline

    Morning 1: Foundations of High-Performing Teams

    This module establishes the foundational elements of high-performing teams:

    • Understanding the life cycle of high-performing teams.
    • Team dynamics and effective communication.

    Morning 2: Nurturing Excellence

    This module focuses on practical strategies for achieving and sustaining high performance:

    • Conflict resolution and fostering a collaborative team culture.
    • Leadership in high-performing teams.

    Preparation & Sustainment Steps

    • Personal Learning Goal-Setting & Progress Review
    • Pre-Reading Articles and Take-Away Materials
    • Peer Learning Support
    • Takeaway tools and resources for building and sustaining high-performing teams.

    Course Details

    Course Duration

    2 x ½ Days

    Training Hours

    2×4-hour morning sessions plus 2 hours preparation and sustainment

    Course Capacity

     25 participants

    Delivery Method

    workshop (virtual or in-person)


    Assessment Method

    Participants will be evaluated based on active engagement in classroom activities, application of concepts during team exercises, and peer-feedback sessions.

    Course Customization Options

    The course can be customized to meet the specific needs of clients, incorporating or aligning with organizational messages and modifying the workshop delivery schedule accordingly.

    If you would like to know more about this course, please contact us.