Introduction to Project Management.

Learning the foundational principles of project management is one of the best ways to improve accelerate performance on teams. This course demystifies project management for confident practice.

An introductory workshop designed to provide a better understanding of project work, project management, and provide a set of fit-for-purpose project management tools.

Course Description

Participants will learn and practice basic tools of project management such as how to create project plans, establish effective timelines, identify and manage risks, and communicate effectively with stakeholders. Using expert instruction and peer group work in two 4-hour morning sessions the course is designed to inspire further learning and confidence in participants.

Learning Outcomes

During this course participants will:

  • Understand the principles of project management and the project life cycle.
  • Be able to develop a project charter, project plan, and project scope statement.
  • Understand the role of stakeholders in a project and be able to communicate effectively with them.
  • Be able to identify and manage project risks and develop contingency plans.
  • Understand the basics of project scheduling and be able to create a project schedule.
  • Understand the principles of project cost management and be able to develop a project budget and manage project finances.
  • Understand the importance of team management and be able to delegate tasks, monitor progress, and manage conflicts within a project team.
  • Understand the ethical and legal implications of project management and be able to apply ethical standards in project decision-making.

Course Outline

Morning 1: The Framework

This module provides the framework for project management:

  • Project lifecycles and charters.
  • Roles, delegation and stakeholders

Morning 2: Acting and Adapting

This module looks at how the framework grounds implementation:

  • Risk assessment and mitigation
  • Scheduling and monitoring
  • Team work and communication

Preparation & Sustainment Steps

  • Personal Learning Goal-Setting & Progress Review
  • Pre-Reading Articles and Take-Away Materials
  • Peer Learning Support
  • Take away project management tools and templates

Course Details

Course Duration

 2 x ½ Days

Training Hours

2×4-hour morning sessions plus 2 hours preparation and sustainment

Course Capacity

 25 participants

Delivery Method

workshop (virtual or in-person)


Assessment Method

The assessment of a participant’s progress will be a combination of classroom participation, review of concepts during in-class activities and peer-feedback following real-time practice sessions.

Course Customization Options

Can be customized for the specific needs of clients through, incorporation or alignment to client-specific organizational messages (values, business processes etc), modifying the workshop delivery schedule.

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